Kazakhstan National Medical University
Kazakhstan National Medical University
MBBS in Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan National Medical University
MBBS in Kazakhstan

Library Treasury Library KazNMU Library KazNMU founded in the year of opening of the institute. In 1931 Leningradkaya Military Medical Academy presented ASMI about 3 thousand medical books. In the same year more than a thousand volumes of medical literature received from Astrakhan Medical Institute. More than 2 thousand books were purchased in Moscow and Alma-Ata. In 1931 the book fund of the library there are 6 thousand books.
Currently, the book fund of the state, Russian and foreign languages ??is -1424363 copies. The fund is diverse in its composition: textbooks, manuals, textbooks and e-books, monographs, dissertations, encyclopedias, reference books, abstracts, journals, newspapers, Increase in the number of readers and library services are now used by 9612 people. The library is a department of the University, which plays an important role in improving the pedagogical skills of the teaching staff, the formation of comprehensively developed and highly educated professionals. Scientific Library KazNMU occupies a total area of ??over 2,000 sq.m. and its structure is: Book Depository Department of acquisition of literature Department of scientific processing and cataloging literature Reference and bibliographic department Department of automation and electronic resources: electronic reading room on the 4th floor; Internet room on the 2nd floor

Customer Service

  • Subscription rate and the preparatory department on the 1st floor
  • Subscription 2 and 3 courses HA2 floor
  • Subscribe 4 and 5 courses on the 3rd floor
  • Subscription of the scientific literature on the 3rd floor
  • Subscription literature on the 4th floor
  • Educational literature reading room on the 1st floor
  • Reading room with open access literature on the 2nd floor
  • Over 1,000 readers daily fill the reading rooms and subscriptions issuing literature library.
  • Guides and the key to the book fund are catalogs - alphabetic (2) the systematic, objective, electronic and 15 thematic card files on topical issues in medicine and politics
  • The Republic of Kazakhstan
  • The economy of the CIS
  • Prominent figures of Medicine
  • New in medicine
  • Proceedings KazNMU employees
  • Higher School of CIS
  • Medical deontology and ethics of the doctor
  • Ethnoscience
  • TB and other infectious diseases
  • Culture, morality, as the spiritual values ??of mankind" and others

In catalogs daily on duty consultant

The whole system of information and bibliographic work is complete and comprehensive disclosure of the library, their advocacy and assistance to readers. The forms of this work are varied: "Information Day", "Day of the department" exhibition viewings, compilation of reference and scientific support bibliographies, perform thematic written and oral inquiries. Monthly newsletters are available new receipts of literature and provides information to the university newspaper "Shipager." Constantly it is educative, cultural and educational activities that promote political, labor, moral, aesthetic education of students, increases their educational level, develops thinking. On all these issues are made exhibition stands, thematic bibliographic reviews. Together with the departments of various activities: readers' conferences, debates, poetry readings, meetings with interesting people. All information and bibliographic and mass work is carried out in the state and Russian languages. Research Library equipped with computers, printers, photocopiers, library program "KABIS" local area network that allows more fully and promptly serve the readers of different categories, and expand the range of services offered. On the 4th floor is the electronic reading room, where readers can get e-books (a fund of over 7000 CD-ROM), to work on the computer, use the services of the Internet (free of charge). Every year the library subscribes to 175 titles of periodicals. This paper, medical, scientific and popular magazines.

All these are available in the reading rooms.

  • Library Director - Asanov Akmaral Bekovna.
  • Deputy Director -Zhambolatova Gulnar Abzhanovna
  • Department Head of literature - Utebalieva Alia Hakimzhanovna.
  • Head of the Department of scientific processing and cataloging literature - Borovikova Tatiana Mitrofanovna.
  • Head bibliographic department - EleukenovaSaltanatAhmedullaevna.
  • Head of the service department - DauletbahovaNargulChimkentbaevna.
  • Department Head and electronic resources - Sabenova Larisa Tnyshgalievna.