Kazakhstan National Medical University



Discipline policy is the general requirements of department presenting to learners during the studying of a discipline. These requirements are directed to complete assimilation of learners (student, intern, resident, candidate for a master's degree, PhD student) of educational material and seminal cooperation of teachers and students.
Student is obliged:
To master knowledge, skills and competences in full force. To accumulate portfolio in electronic format from the first course to effort the competence by chosen educational path

  • Respectfully and correctly pertain to lecturers, employees and learners.
  • To know and keep to the code of conduct including the item Requirements to appearance
  • To observe internal regulations

To observe preventive fire-fighting regulations
Keep clean and disciplined. Behave worthy at university and hospitals. Observe silence and order at the lessons, halls and corridors.

  • To enter and going off the audience after the start of lessons is assumed upon authorization of lecturer only.
  • Attendance of practical (laboratory, seminar) lectures is compulsory for absolute assimilation of academic program. Necessarily presenting at professor's or lecturers rounds on clinical departments.
  • To satisfy department requirements to visiting of solitary work of learners with lecturer.
  • To attend lectures, practical, laboratory and seminar lessons in medical uniform
  • Have sanitary books on clinical departments with tolerance of HIS
  • Handle with care with department property. Commit no nuisance! Dont write on the tables!
  • Forbidden to wear spiked shoes
  • Comply with the rules of fire security
  • Comply with the rules of internal university regulations
  • Participate fully in the department life
  • Take part in the work of theoretical and practical, anatomic-pathological conferences
  • Turn off mobile phones while lectures are giving
  • It is forbidden to take mobile phones to exams.

If student uses mobile phone as a prompt, his answer will be cancelled. Then, student receives second examination ticket. At that rate, maximum mark cannot be higher than 75%.
Completions in department are carrying out at extracurricular hours. Completions are assumed in workaday. Completions in clinical department are assumed during the night watch of faculty.
Lessons missed without valid excuse cannot be worked off

  • In case of missing classes for reasonable or unreasonable excuse, student is obliged to get admission of deanery for one week starting with the day of coming to the university
  • Student is obliged to work off the missing classes during 1 month
  • If student missed classes without valid excuse, he(she) takes extra type of study (EXS) during two weeks on a paid basis.
  • If students need extra types of study and facultative studies, they must draft a contract for ETS rendering. All types of ETS are on a paid basis.
  • In case of missing the lectures apart the reasons student must have the summary of lecture material and show it to the lector
  • When working off the lessons missed without valid excuse, student gets mark not higher than 2,33 (70%).
  • In case of missing classes for a valid reason (being hospital treatment, uprising of unexpected developments: acts of God, crashes, etc.), intern, warden or his relatives are obliged to put wise department and deanery about the incident by all means and provide confirming documents during three days
  • Confirming documents are: inquiry of student hospital, death certificate of homely, donor certificate, marriage certificate, birth certificate of a child. Interns, residents, candidates for a master's degree and PhD students are obliged to provide the sick list. In the absence of supporting documents the excuse is considered unreasonable. In case of providing false documents, access is not issued and according to internal regulations in relation to learner administrative measures will be taken.
  • If student missed classes for reasonable and unreasonable excuse, he (she) must to obtain access from deanery during 7 days from the date of return.
  • Accesses from deanery are kept in study group journals.
  • Working classes on departments must be conducted according to the Regulation for conducting working classes in off-hour time.
  • Student is obliged to work off all missed classes for reasonable excuse during 1 month from the date of return.
  • Students must have summary of lecture, show it to the lector and work it off in the case of missing lectures without distinction of excuse. Lectures are worked off free of charge. Deanerys access for work off of lectures is not required.

If there are not worked off lectures, then discipline RAM is not allotted in the students grade book.
Miss of lectures related to passing military department is worked off on personal schedule.

  • When working classes missed for reasonable excuse, student gets mark which he deserved.
  • Access and photocopy of confirming document is provided to department.
  • Student may to work off 2 classes at one time if they were missed for reasonable excuse.
  • Working classes are stopped before 3 days of beginning of a session.
  • If student misses final control for reasonable excuse and doesnt work it off during 1 month, than his rating is decreased.
  • If there are two or more classes which are not worked off at a stated time, then student is not certificated.
  • Head of department is responsible for timely admission of attestation data.
  • The following administrative sanctions are applied according to total number of missed class hours:

- 5-10 % - remark
- 11-15% - reprimand
- 16-24% - serious reprimand

  • Students who have passed 25% without valid excuse from the total amount of hours of lectures classes (lectures, practical) arent allow to intermediate certification (exam/ test) on discipline and obliged to pass a summer (paid) semester
  • Students who have passed 25% for a valid reason from the total amount of hours of lectures classes (lectures, practical) it is necessary to work out all misses according to individual
  • If student gets F mark by one discipline of integration or allied disciplines of 4,5 courses of General medicine specialty, it means that in summer semester student must pass only discipline by which he has F mark. Final mark by discipline is allotted after the passing paid semester.
  • If examination consists of two and more stages and learner receives 0 at one of stages, the total assessment will be unsatisfactory
  • Final mark is counted if student has rating access and positive mark by resulting control. Positive mark includes the marks from 50% to 100% and negative from 0% to 49%.

If the exam consists of 3 stages, then the fate of test exam is make up 20%, practical skills 10%, verbal response - 10%. If the exam consists of verbal response and practical skill only - 20 % for each constituent.
Low grades received at the current lessons and on objective control are not worked out.

  • The repeating an examination of a positive assessment on intermediate certification for the purpose of its increase isnt allowed.
  • RAM is allotted in the report book at the right side. The mark by differential test has an effect on scholarship.
  • Student is admitted to interim and final attestation on condition that education program and examinations by all disciplines are executed and passed.
  • On condition that executed conditions of study program on all disciplines of semester mentioned by curriculum the learner admits to interim and resulting attestation. Admission to examination period is formed by order of deanery before 3 days of session.

Transfer of student from one course to another is carried out on the basis of a GPA of progress of the student
If the learner is not gather a lowest passing score GPA, he takes classes repeatedly with privation of educational grant or deducts on one's own accord

  • The learners who carried out course program in full force but didnt gather passing score are permitted to reexamine the discipline on a paid basis (apart from discipline History of Kazakhstan) and repeat the examination. Repeatedly received an assessment has no effects on assignment of scholarship
  • By returning (after leave of absence) or transferring from one specialty to another, student is obliged to complete total course of study and to pass examinations.
  • Paid semester for not final-year students is held in summer period (lasting 6 weeks) for closing academic failure.
  • Final-year student who is not carry out requirements of work and individual academic plan is leaved for repeated course of study without passing of summer semester (i. 99, order 94 of MES RK dated 16.03.2011)